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Week Ends With Win

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute chipped in six points and nine big rebounds, and the Milwaukee Bucks extended their win streak to five on Thursday night with a 112-110 win over the Indiana Pacers.

Luc split his boards nearly equally between the offensive and defensive glass. He pulled down four rebounds on the offensive board and five more on the defensive end. He also added a theft of Earl Watson early in the first quarter and a block of Danny Granger late in the contest.

With his in-your-face-defense, No. 12 helped hold Granger, who averages nearly 23 points per game, under his average at 21 points. 7 of those 21 came at the charity stripe.

With the Thursday night win, the Bucks take over the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference and inch closer to the playoffs. The Bucks are above .500 (29-28) for the first time since December 2nd when they were 9-8.

The game was close with just over one second left. Milwaukee led by four when Bucks’ guard Luke Ridnour fouled T.J. Ford on a three-point shot. After Ford made the first two and cut the lead to two, he intentionally missed his third and final free throw trying to get his team a rebound and a quick score to tie the game.

However, forward Carlos Delfino was able to get the rebound and ended a close scare for the Bucks.

Still a very young squad, the Bucks lack playoff experience and if nothing else comes out of this season, experience is what Head Coach Scott Skiles wants his team to gain, as he told WSSP in Milwaukee:

« We want to talk to Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut, Luc Mbah a Moute and Ersan Ilyasova about hey this is what it’s gonna take to get in the playoffs and this is what you’re gonna have to do in the summer to get better if you wanna be a high level team, that’s great and they’re good guys and they’ll listen, but until they go through it, realize the way that the level of play raises up, there’s nothing like that.

« Then once they go through it, it’s amazing what happens to guys like that in the summer. They really get after the development of their game and they start making strides as a player. »

It was a strong week for Luc and the Bucks as they swept through with wins in New York and Indiana, sandwiched around a home victory against the New Orleans Hornets.

Luc doubled his pleasure in the first two games of the week. He posted dueling 11’s on the boards and in the bucket Monday night at Madison Square Garden, then came back with a pair of tens, 10 rebounds and 10 points, against New Orleans on Wednesday.

Here are some of the highlights from

2.23.20 / Doubling Up
No. 12 recorded a double-double in a big win vs. the Knicks.

2.25.10 / Two Tens for Luc
Luc got his second straight double-double and Bucks extended their win streak to four.

This weekend the Bucks face two tough matchups. They’ll have off tonight but go on the road Saturday to face the Heat in Miami followed by a formidable matchup against the always-dangerous Joe Johnson in Atlanta on Sunday.

Tip-off in Miami is at 2:30 CST, and catch Sunday’s game versus the Hawks at 5:00 CST. You can see all the action on FSN Wisconsin.

Skiles values playoff experience over lottery pick (NBC Sports, Feb. 25, 2010)…
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Two Tens for Luc

With every game, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute finds another way to impress.

Luc recorded his second straight double-double on Wednesday night while playing just 26 minutes, helping the Bucks’ to a 115-95 home win over the New Orleans Hornets.

No. 12 finished with 10 points, 10 boards and zero turnovers.

The Hornets stayed in the game as long as possible, their last lead coming with 4:56 left in the second quarter. But just a few seconds later, Luc Richard was the man who silenced the buzz.

No. 12 drove the lane for a layup and, after being fouled, converted a three-point play to put Milwaukee ahead 51-49. From there, the Bucks never looked back.

Luc Richard is quickly becoming a core piece of this Milwaukee Bucks team, writes Pete Barth of the Sheboygan Press:

« The Bucks — Dare we get excited? Suddenly, it’s hard not to. They’ve got the young difference-maker in Brandon Jennings, the rapidly blooming superstar in Andrew Bogut and an underrated role player supreme in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. If that nucleus is kept together and supplemented, and if the coaching staff stays intact, something special might be ahead in ‘11. »

Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sees No. 12 and center Andrew Bogut as a top defensive tandem and also notes that size is not a problem for the Cameroon native:

« The Bucks have benefited from the strong defensive tandem of power forward Mbah a Moute and center Andrew Bogut, and small forward Carlos Delfino also has fit into coach Scott Skiles’ defensive system.

The 6-foot-8 Mbah a Moute is a bit out of position at power forward but still usually guards the other team’s best scorer, whether that is a power forward, small forward, shooting guard or point guard. »

It seems that with his consistent play on defense, Luc Richard has made a permanent home on, but that’s not the only thing keeping him in the news, according to the blog’s writer Jeremy:

« Few players have carved out a home in my « Defense » category like Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, but offense is what gains him first mention tonight. Luc stayed within himself, as usual, and grabbed rebounds around the hoop and finished them for his teammates. He didn’t get out of his game, taking just one shot outside the paint, and proved too quick for the Hornets to consistently keep off the boards as evidenced by his ten rebounds, four of them offensive. »

But as Alex Boeder of Brew Hoop added, Luc’s star power still shines brightest on defense, where he has the ability to lock down any scorer that is put in front of him.

On Wednesday it was David West of the Hornets:

« Guarding David West is not an easy task for anyone; he is strong, slippery, spinny, and skilled. But The Prince can and does guard pretty much everyone, and he made West work for his 19 points.

Mbah a Moute also showed sublime skill on the boards. Not every rebound is created equal, so while 10 rebounds (four offensive) might not jump out, Luc’s were mostly in heavy traffic, stealing the ball from the opponent. »

Since moving to the four spot last month, Luc Richard continues to excel on the court.

Head Coach Scott Skiles spoke highly of No. 12 to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and said there are no plans to move him back to small forward any time soon:

« That’s where he did most of his damage last year, » Skiles said. « We discovered when we play him at the 3 (small forward) he’s not as productive.

« He can use his quickness to get to the board on some of the 4s. Sometimes for spatial reasons he’s not near the basket when he’s playing the 3. Because he can guard any number of people out there, sometimes you want to put him at different positions, and then he’s not as productive on the other end. »

Skiles said that Luc’s transition to the 4 has been a key to Milwaukee’s success this season:

« He’s helped himself and helped us immensely when we made the switch and put him there, » Skiles said. « We’d have to go south pretty hard to change back and I don’t see that happening. »

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Doubling Up

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is heating it up on the offensive end of the court.

Luc dropped his second double-double of the season Monday night against the Knicks with 11 points and 11 rebounds in an 83-67 win at Madison Square Garden.

Something about New York must feel right for No. 12 this year. Luc Richard is averaging 14 points and 8.5 rebounds while playing at MSG. With Monday night’s victory, Milwaukee swept the Knicks in their three-game season series, which included two road contests for the Bucks.

Luc Richard was an all-out force on both sides of the court Monday night and it earned him kudos from the masses.

Frank Madden of Brew Hoop included Luc in his “Three Bucks” section of Monday’s recap, pointing to Luc’s perfect depiction of a role player:

“Luc Mbah a Moute: 33 min, 11 pts, 5/6 fg, 1/2 ft, 11 rebs, 4 ast, 1 stl
Though guarded by Wilson Chandler on offense, Mbah a Moute started the game matched against McGrady on defense and appeared to have his hands full. Lee found T-Mac for an early back-door play, and McGrady still had enough speed to give Mbah a Moute problems on the drive in the first half.

But it didn’t last, as McGrady slowed as the game went on (a bruised knee didn’t help) and finished just 5/14 from the field for 15 points. Mbah a Moute meanwhile again focused on the dirty work offensively, showing proper discretion in shooting (just one jump shot that I remember) while passing well around the hoop and generally doing the whole “role player” thing nearly perfectly.”

McGrady may have finished with a team-high 15 points, but with No. 12 in his face, he had to work hard for every single one. Luc Richard and the recently-acquired John Salmons held McGrady to under 36 percent shooting and just seven points after the first quarter, a performance good enough to garner plenty of attention.

Tom Enlund of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Head Coach Scott Skiles both gave praise to Luc’s defense:

Guard Tracy McGrady, playing in his second game with the Knicks, made five of 14 shots and scored a team-high 15 points under the watchful eye of Milwaukee’s Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and friends.

Skiles was impressed with the way Luc defended New York’s newest Knick:

“I thought Mbah a Moute did a great job on Tracy,” said Skiles.

Jeremy from Bucksketball also noted how well No. 12 and John Salmons limited McGrady and the way the Bucks slowed New York as a whole:

“Defense. The Knicks aren’t a good team, but they’re not a bad offense either. So holding New York to a meager 67 points and 34% shooting is something worth applauding. The Knicks looked to be crashing a bit after the sugar high of McGrady’s debut, but even aside from their poor shooting the Bucks deserve plenty of credit for outworking their East Coast counterparts. Lee was mostly limited to passing from the high post while Mbah a Moute and Salmons made McGrady work for every chance he got.”

Bucksketball continued:

“Luc Richard Mbah a Moute drew McGrady duty for most of the evening and did his usual fine work. After a fast start, eight points in the first quarter, McGrady rarely had much going the rest of the way. T-Mac’s famed passing skill produced only one assist, but that kind of thing happens when a guy’s team shoots less than 40 percent. »

Luc Richard and the Bucks return home to the Bradley Center to put their three-game win streak on the line against the New Orleans Hornets. Tip-off is at 7:00 CST and the game can be seen on FSN Wisconsin.

Monday game report: Bucks at Knicks (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Feb. 22, 2010)
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Both Ends of the Floor

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is known for his defensive abilities, but he’s started to assert himself offensively as well.

Take a deeper look into Milwaukee’s 127-99 loss to Houston on Wednesday night, and you’ll see that Luc was a one-man wrecking crew in the game’s final frame.

No. 12 entered the fourth quarter with just two points on 1-of-3 shooting, following a third quarter in which the Rockets outscored the Bucks 43-14 and extended a five-point halftime lead to 34.

Luc defending Houston’s Jermaine Taylor (Getty Images).

But Luc Richard was doing work in the fourth, scoring 16 of the Bucks’ 33 points. No. 12 finished with a team-high in both points and rebounds, with 18 and eight respectively.

Wednesday night was Luc Richard’s fourth consecutive game with double-digit points and he continues to draw praise, as noted by

“On a night not much was going the Bucks way offensively, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute could be seen busting his tail in the fourth quarter, getting dunks and stripping offensive players in the post. Mbah a Moute led the Bucks with 18 points and eight rebounds. Just Luc doin’ Luc.”

As for Luc, he’s keeping it cool, trying not to press in the face of adversity as he told Slam Online:

“I just want to come in there and try to give everything we can to try and get a win. If we win, I guess I’m doing my job. The minutes will come. Throughout the flow of the game, I just try to take my shots when they present themselves and just make plays. Don’t force anything and just be solid.”

Luc Richard is shooting 69.2 percent from the field in his last five games while averaging 13.8 points.

With every passing game, Luc continues to draw praise, this time from head coach Scott Skiles and teammate Andrew Bogut.

Skiles told that the game, both offensively and defensively is starting to come to No. 12:

“Back-to-back nights he’s looked much more like himself,” Bucks coach Scott Skiles said. “Sometimes we feel like he’s trying to do a little too much offensively and it’s hurting him. He hustles so much that the game comes to him and that’s what happened tonight. It just came to him, he was on the offensive glass, he found some things around
the basket and knocked down a couple of jumpers.”

Bogut continues to recognize Luc’s improvement on the glass and particularly on defense, where he has shut down some of the league’s best scorers:

“He’s rebounding much better, but I think the other thing is he did a great job on Troy Murphy, who is a very dangerous player for them, and on Danny Granger,” Bogut said. “He’s very, very long and quick and a lot of guys, he’s contesting their shots right up there with them. So, he did a great job defensively for us.”

Multiple sources are reporting that the Bucks and Bulls have agreed to terms on a deal that will send guard John Salmons to Milwaukee in exchange for forwards Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander.

However, it appears the Bucks are not done dealing. ESPN’s Chad Ford is reporting that Milwaukee will send rookie guard Jodie Meeks and forward Francisco Elson to Philadelphia in exchange for guard Royal Ivey, the 7-foot-1 Primoz Brezec and a second-round pick.

Luc Richard and the Bucks look to knock the dust off Friday night in Detroit. Milwaukee’s tip-off against the Pistons at 7:00 CST and can be seen on FSN Wisconsin.

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Moute at the Midway Mark

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and the Milwaukee Bucks went streaking into the All-Star break, winning seven of their final 10 games.

As the stretch run toward the playoffs begins this week, they sit just one-game behind the Miami Heat, who are currently in the No. 8 playoff spot in the East.

On an individual level, Luc is having a great season so far as evidenced by No. 12’s year by the numbers:

1 Luc’s only double-double this season came vs. the Indiana Pacers

3 Current streak of consecutive games Luc Richard has recorded double digit rebounds.

4 Number of multi-block games No. 12 has amassed in 2010.

9 Number of games in which Luc Richard has recorded double digit points.

12 The jersey number for Luc

37.5 Luc’s field goal percentage from beyond the arc.

67.6 Luc Richard is having his best month of the season, shooting nearly 68% from the field in February.

105 Total field goals made by Luc in 2009-10.

270 Total points scored by No. 12 in 2009-10.

1,127 Minutes played by Luc Richard this year.


Luc Hot, but Bucks Fall

One more point, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute would have collected his second straight double-double. Instead, No. 12 and the Milwaukee Bucks would come up a little short.

The Bucks fought hard and were able to overcome a 20-9 first-quarter deficit, but couldn’t equal the shooting efforts of the Detroit Pistons in the final quarter. With big help from Ben Gordon, Detroit shot 65 percent from the field in the fourth en-route to their 93-81 win.

Luc Richard had the type of performance that Bucks’ fans are getting used to on Tuesday night.

Luc scoring two of his nine points against Detroit (Getty Images).

No. 12 dropped nine points while grabbing 11 boards. Though the Bucks lost the game, they received very efficient play from Luc.

During the 38 minutes that Luc Richard was on the court, the power forward received a Plus 2 rating. The (+/-) column on the stat sheet denotes the team’s net points during the time any given player is on the floor. No. 12 received the +2 because while he was on the court, the Bucks outscored the Pistons 72-70.

Luc continues to show how valuable he is night after night.

Alex Boeder of took notice of No. 12’s performance:

“Luc Mbah a Moute. A more typical Prince points sum of nine following his offensive outburst against Indiana, but 4-8 from the field will do. That is what the team wants, needs—that modest offensive output—and he delivered. Not a standout defensive performance like we’ve seen, but he was active, gathering 11 rebounds, six on the offensive glass.”

Luc Richard joined Charlie Bell as the only other Bucks’ player that shot at least 50% from the field. In comparison, the Pistons had three starters and two reserve players that shot at least 50%. described the Bucks’ rough start, while complimenting Luc and his teammate Bell:

“The Bucks shot just 16 percent in the first quarter, 37 percent for the game and just two players—Charlie Bell (5-of-8) and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (4-of-8) had anything resembling decent shooting nights for the Bucks.”

The Bulls, Bobcats and Heat all won last night to increase their lead on the 6th, 7th, and 8the spots in the Eastern Conference playoff race by one game each. Wednesday night the Bucks travel to New Jersey where they take on the Nets for the third of a four game season series. The Bucks have blown out the Nets twice this season by a combined differential of 36.

This game becomes a must-win heading into the week long All-Star Break. Tip-off is at 6:30 CST and can be seen on FSN Wisconsin.

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Luc Turns It Up a Notch

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute wasn’t satisfied with his 16-point performance in the Bucks’ 114-107 win over the Knicks on Friday night.

So No. 12 came back out Saturday night against the Pacers and bested his season-high and recorded his first double-double of the season with 18 points along with 11 rebounds in the team’s 93-81 win.

Luc has turned out two stellar performances at the offensive end of the floor (Getty Images).

Luc Richard’s 18 points were second on the team but his 11 rebounds tied the Pacers’ Troy Murphy for a game high.

Luc’s play made it hard for Head Coach Scott Skiles to take him out, as evidenced by his 43 minutes of play. Luc’s playing time was only matched by Indiana star Danny Granger who had his hands full with No. 12 as Skiles told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“He hustles so much, the game just comes to him,” Bucks coach Scott Skiles said of the 6-foot-8 Mbah a Moute, now playing a starting power forward role. “He was on the offensive glass and found some things around the basket, and he knocked down a couple jumpers.”

If Luc Richard had just scored 18 points, it would have been enough, but No. 12 got it done on defense. Luc had the tough task of guarding Danny Granger (22.3 PPG) and came through with flying colors.

“They have a lot of movement within their offense, and all of a sudden the ball finds Granger,” Skiles said. “You’ve got to be able to deal with a bunch of screens; you’ve got to be able to play him one-on-one.”

Skiles believes Luc followed the game plan well and executed the perfect defense on Granger.

“He did a nice job of trying to sit on his right hand and obviously was very conscious of not giving up threes. Luc was out and had his heels above the three-point line, and overall it was a big-time defensive game for Luc.”

Luc’s D garnered big ups not only from his coach but from both Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Alex Boeder at Said Gardner:

“Luc Richard Mbah a Moute scored a season-high 18 points and grabbed 11 rebounds while playing 43 minutes. But that was only half of his outstanding performance, as he also limited Pacers leading scorer Danny Granger to 14 points on 5-of-14 shooting.

Boeder took it a step further:

“Offensive dynamo (standard introduction, henceforth) Luc Richard Mbah a Moute popped in a season-high 18 points on 7-9 from the field and 4-4 from the line, along with 11 rebounds.

An offensive night for the ages, and a defensive night as usual. Danny Granger (14 points on 5-14 shooting, -19 differential) carries a heavy offensive burden on a bad team, and that’s frustrating enough. Even more frustrating is having The Principal pawing at your dribble, screening your vision of the hoop, denying your basketball stardom each and every trip down the floor.”

Luc Richard didn’t get as much attention from his 16-point performance in Friday’s win in New York much in part to Ersan Ilyasova’s 25 points off the bench and the migraine that took center Andrew Bogut out of the game less than seven minutes in.

However, No. 12 played a huge role in the win, dropping in 6-of-7 field goals and 4-of-5 free throws. On top of his terrific shooting performance, Luc grabbed six boards, and registered two steals and two blocks.

With just two games left before the All-Star game, the Bucks will get a chance for a break and a possible playoff spot. Milwaukee sits as the No. 9 team in the East, but just one game back from the No. 6 spot.

Luc Richard and the Bucks return home Tuesday night to take on the struggling Pistons. Tip-off is at 7:00 CST and you can catch all the action on FSN Wisconsin.

Saturday game report: Pacers at Bucks (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Feb. 7, 2010)
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No. 12, Bucks Down Heat Again

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute helped the Milwaukee Bucks handle the Heat for the second straight game Monday night.

After Dwayne Wade scored the game’s first 11 points the Bucks ended the first quarter on a 21-6 streak and never looked back, running away to a 97-81 win.

Luc Richard played 18 minutes, scoring four points and playing a part in holding D-Wade to just 12 points after his one-man streak to start the game.

Pete Pelegrin of the Miami Herald wrote:

The Bucks did manage to cool Wade off after the Heat guard’s first 11 points. He did not score again until there was 3:19 left in the second quarter. Milwaukee alternated Bell and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute guarding Wade in the first half.

No. 12 also picked up a five boards, three on the offensive side of the ball, and one big assist on a go-ahead three-pointer to rookie Brandon Jennings in the first quarter.

Luc Richard’s name came up on the forums of this past month when fans started debating who the league’s most underrated and overrated defenders are. Senior member “Build Ford Tough” offered this explanation for No. 12:

“A name that should definitely be mentioned among underrated is Luc Richard Mbah A Moute of the bucks. He has been terrific defensively this season. He has everybody from Dwyane Wade to LeBron James to Carmelo Anthony to Kobe Bryant to Dirk Nowitzki to Chris Bosh this season and he has done a damn good job on every single one of them. The guy’s length, quickness and anticipation is second to none. If he was playing on a bigger market team I [guarantee] that people would be calling him one of the [game’s] best perimeter defenders.”

Luc Richard and the Bucks look to avoid the season sweep against Dwight Howard and the Magic Tuesday night. Tip-off is 6:00 CST and can be seen on FSN Wisconsin.

Sliding Miami Heat falls to Bucks for second time (Miami Herald, Feb. 2, 2010)
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat- Box Score (ESPN, Feb. 1, 2010)


Shining at the Four

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute grabbed two rebounds and the Bucks took the first of two straight games against Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat, 95-84, at home in Milwaukee.

Saturday’s win combined with Wednesday’s over the 76ers are the first back-to-back wins for the Bucks since they started 2010 with three straight.

Luc Richard had been playing mostly from the small forward position this year but Jan. 20 against Toronto he started at the power forward position to make room for Carlos Delfino. Said Head Coach Scott Skiles of his current rotation:

“We decided to get Mbah a Moute in the (power forward) spot, where he played his best last year. Take a look at that for a little bit and see how it worked. Obviously that means either Ersan or Hak don’t get as many minutes. It’s hard to play three guys at the same position.

Switching Luc between the three and the four can help with depth but it also creates a log jam as Skiles notes:

“We can also get Ersan in there and put Mbah a Moute back at (small forward). There’s some ways to get guys minutes, but it’s difficult to get all three of them significant minutes.

The primary reason for the shuffle is that Luc has been playing much better at the power forward position, something Skiles relates to his maneuverability with bigger players:

“We’re trying to get some better play out of Luc. For whatever reason, he rebounds it better when he’s at (power forward). I think maybe some of the bigger players lose track of him a little bit and he’s able to get in there and do some things that he’s not necessarily able to do at (small forward).”

Once again Luc Richard is drawing praise for his excellent defense. No. 12 has been called to guard some of the NBA’s best players including Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitzki.

Dime Magazine recently published its Midseason All-Defensive team and it was no surprise that Luc Richard was one of the 12 chosen players from the East squad.

G – Dwyane Wade
G – Andre Iguodala
F – Gerald Wallace
F – Josh Smith
C – Joakim Noah
G – Kirk Hinrich
G – Rajon Rondo
G – Stephen Jackson
F – Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
F – LeBron James
F/C – Kevin Garnett
C – Dwight Howard

Avatar has been making waves throughout the movie world recently surpassing Titanic as the number one grossing movie of all time. Avatar has so far brought in an estimated $2,039,222,000 according to and somewhere in there is Bucks’ power forward Luc Richard.

The 23-year-old asked Twitter fans this week for advice on what movie to see. The response was overwhelming for Avatar and Luc Richard was very grateful. Said the Bucks’ starter on twitter:

“Avatar was definitely the best choice”

Following it up with:

“Especially IMAX 3D the graphics were ridiculous!!!”

Luc Richard and the Bucks once again take on the Heat, this time in Miami. The Bucks held Dwayne Wade to just 6-20 shooting; including 0-6 from beyond the arch Saturday night. Watch them try to repeat their defensive performance at 6:30 CST. The game can be seen on FSN Wisconsin.

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