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The Wolves lose against Utah Jazz 136-130

The Wolves lose against Utah Jazz 136-130

The last game of the season for the Timberwolves against the Utah Jazz was quite a show. Even though the Timberwolves lost after two overtime. Each team had its quarter time to turn (31-17 to Utah in the first, 31-20 to Minnesota in the second), and despite a delay of 10 points early in the last quarter, the Wolves always found the resources to come from behind (the team Luke had up to 19 points behind early in the second quarter). Kevin Martin has scored (36 points) joined by the other Kevin Love had 19 points 10 rebounds and 9 assists. Opposite is the rookie Trey Burke replied with 32 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds, and Gordon Hayward author of 23 points, nine assists and 10 rebounds.

The will of not wanting to give up has allowed the Wolves to return to the score in the last minutes of regulation time, by chaining a 19-7 to finish at 107-107. The extension is then very Seree Ban Phe and ends on a 12-12. It is in the second extension that Utah will score the points determinants. Burke gets 2 free throws and the inscribed to 19.4 seconds from the end of the match (132-128), and then Cunningham entered the last 2 points of Wolves (132-130). In fact, in the last 10 seconds, Brewke will mark two new free throws before that Hayward does marks the last point almost at the Buzzer to give the victory to the Utah Jazz 136-130.

Minnesota Timberwolves ends the regular season on a series of 3 defeats at the 10th place in the Western Conference (40 victories / 42 defeats).

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Wolves prevail 122-121 in Heat after two extensions !

Wolves prevail 122-121 in Heat after two extensions !

Big game and big suspense tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, where the Heat welcomed the Timberwolves . And committed a game that ended at the end of unresolved after two extensions !

The Heat have set up their game in the first quarter ( 29-24 ) , thanks to their leader Lebron James (34 points during the game , 8 rebounds and 5 assists ) . But the Wolves in the second match with a 28-25 , which allows them to reach halftime tied 52-52 . However, the Heat led by 10 points twice in the first half , but Wolves managed a 10-0 to tie . Kevin Love is in the form (28 points and 11rebounds), while Ricky Rubio wins a double-double with 13 points and 14 assists .

The second period is exciting , since none of the two teams didn’t seem to let go. 25-23 in the third quarter, before starting the last quarter in a Arena on fire. Despite encouragement and the public, are the Wolves that will nibble points. The duel between Luke MBHA a Moute and Chris Andersen is fierce, and turned to the advantage of Luke, which will cause errors and scoring 3 of his 4 free throws. Side throws, the Heat are left with 80 % success rate. Minnesota will have up to 7 points difference , but will be caught up . At the buzzer, 97-97 equality.

In overtime, Chalmers causes a fault, just seconds from the end and has the ball game. Everyone holds their breath ! However, it enters its second free throw which returns the two teams into a second overtime. The Heat better start , but Love will restore advance to Wolves with a 3-point buzzer 30 seconds . Chris Bosh equates to 11 seconds from the end . And this is Corey Brewer will release the Wolves after a foul on him Norris Cole . He entered one of his two free throws to give the victory to the wire a tiny dot 122-121 . What game and what a victory in the leader leading the Eastern Conference !

Luc Mbah a Moute played 22.57 minutes, scored 7 points, with 5/6 free throws. The Timberwolves are 10th ( 38V/37D ) West Conf.