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Defeated by the Nets, 99-91

Defeated by the Nets, 99-91

It isn’t only that the Sixers eventually open their counter victory this season, one minute until the end of the match with Philadelphia only two points ahead of the Nets, but an 8-2 in the money time has allowed to Brooklyn to win 99-91.

Before this, the Sixers revved up their game, going into the first quarter, 19-32. Thirteen points of delays, which would be difficult to catch up to, the 76ers took the lead, 22-17, to return the score with 8 points of delay at half-time, 41-49.

Recovered, the 76ers returned with the same intentions and dominated the Nets, 26-23. Luc Mbah, a Moute, with 10 points, 2 rebounds and 1 pass, along with his teammates gnawed their delay little by little. But in the last fatal minute for the Sixers, it was 8-2. Best to free throw (82% against 75 %) and 3 points (38% against 33 % ), the 76ers have an equal game with the net on many sectors of game (23 passes against 25, 42 rebounds against 40, 20 losses of bullets against 24). KJ Mcdaniels scores 18 points for 6 rebounds, the same number of points for Tony Wroten with 2 rebounds, and 10 passes, but also 8 losses of bale.

A new defeat difficult to cash, but the reality is there: 15 defeats for 0 victory this season.

Nets vs Sixers


The Blazers prevail among the 76ers 114-104

The Blazers prevail among the 76ers 114-104

The Blazers have lead the Sixers 114-104, despite the better in some sectors of game.

Almost equal to the firing, 50% for the 76ers against 49% for the Blazers, the assists, 28 as against 30, and about two times less losses of bale, 10 against 17, the Sixers finished in two areas. First, the firing at 3 points, with a fatal 0/8 against 7/27 for the Blazers, and then the rebounds, 52 against 29, 7 against 28 offensive, and 22 against 34 defensive. When in attack, three men ended up to 20 points and more: Michael Carter Williams with 24 points and 7 rebounds, Henry Sims with 22 points and 4 rebounds, and finally Tony Wroten with 20 points and 9 passes.

76ers vs Blazers

The first half-time is hooked, Portland winning the first quarter time with 24-20, and the 76ers in the second with 32-20, head to the half-time, 52-50. Once again, the second period was fatal with Philadelphia picking up in the 3rd quarter time (39-28 for the Blazers). For Lamarcus Aldridge was the man of the match with 33 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists. Nine points of delay at the beginning of the last quarter time (80-89 80-89 80-89), after having cashed a 28-10, the Sixers reversed the trend.

Despite a few positive points, the Sixers drop too often in their game. Competitive in the first half, Philadelphia will become a regular at these upcoming matches to take a very hope first match.

Trail Blazers vs. Sixers


The Knicks dominate the 76ers 91-83

The Knicks dominate the 76ers 91-83

The Sixers have no disadvantage on the floor for the New York Knicks, but have the same slanted 91-83, conceding their 13th defeat this season for no victory.

New York began the match with a 25-13 in the first quarter time. Carmelo Anthony gave the tempo for the Knicks, ending up with 25 points and 7 rebounds during 38 min of game. Nerlens Noel achieved his best delivery in career with 17 points and 12 rebounds. In the second quarter time, Philadelphia gained 5 points, 26-21, to the Knicks, thus continuing to believe in the half-time with a delay of 7 points, 46-39.

But, New York flew and regained 10 points, 25-15, and was up to 21 points ahead. The stats were slightly in favor for the Knicks to not to catch up with 50% to the firing against 40% side Sixers, 91% against 60% for the free throws, and 35% against 31 to 3 points. If the Sixers return to 8 points in two minutes from the end, 85-77, Carmelo Anthony has scored the baskets that he needed to seal the fate of the game.

Sixers vs. Knicks

The 76ers will recline 122-96 face the Suns

The 76ers will recline 122-96 face the Suns

The Suns in Phoenix have outperformed the Sixers in the first period, and despite a beautiful resistance in second, the errors to the firing to 3 points and the free throws have not enabled Philadelphia to return to the score.

After the first quarter time, won 27-26, the Sixers manhandled in the second for the losing, 41-17, and joined the locker room on a 67-44. With the firing of three points, 17% against 42% for Phoenix, the free throws are almost all converted side Suns, 91 %, to the opposite of the 76ers with 61%. The points do not move smoothly, unlike the previous games. Wroten scored a few, 13 points, and the best scorers end up under the bar of 20 points: Michael Carter Williams scored 18 points for 6 rebounds and 6 passes, despite 5 losses of bale, and Kj Mcdaniels with 17 points, 3 rebounds, and 6/6 to the free throws.

With a 23 point lead in the second period, the Suns have only to check the game. Isaiah Thomas gained 23 points for 3 rebounds and 8 passes, and Markieff Morris ends up with 18 points and 4 rebounds. They win and the last two quarter time AC 25-23 is superseded, 30-29, leaving the Sixers in full doubt after this 12th setbacks in a row.

Suns vs. Sixers

Defeat 75-100 among the Spurs

Defeat 75-100 among the Spurs

For their third game in Texas, the 76ers lost again with 75-100.

The first few minutes of the game with 11-3 were encouraging, but very quickly they are under water and end the first quarter with 30-13. The second quarter was a bit better but the team needed to put it more work to come back in the race. At the first half the Spurs are leading by 19 points.

Sixers vs. Spurs

The second half, was for the Spurs to dominate both quarters which gave no room for the sixers to come back in the game. Only 15% of 3points against 39% for the Spurs, 39 rebounds against 52, and 15 assists against 27. Luc ended the game with 13 points, ½ for 3points and ¾ at the free throws. The Sixers shackling their 10th defeat of suite (0V/ 10D)

Next game Wednesday evening at home face in Boston.

Luc itw


Another Loss for the Sixers

Another Loss for the Sixers

The last two games of the Sixers have resulted in two failures. First, Philadelphia lost 93-104 in Houston, then 89-91 against the Orlando Magic.

In the first game against the Rockets, Philadelphia had a tie at first then Houston led by 1 point 45-44. Luc was very present on the court and was efficient with 10 points, 4 rebounds in 24 minutes of playing and Tony did great with 20 points. In the second quarter, the Sixers were being led by Houston with James Harden for 35points and 9 rebounds.

Rockets vs. Sixers

The second game against Orlando, Davies had 20 points and Wroten 27 points with 8 passes. The team was putting in work they kept ties for 2 consecutive quarters 52-52 and 75-75 but it was Tobias Harris who assured the win for Orlando.

The Sixers now count 5 defeats, for as many games played.

Magic vs. Sixers

Philadelphia 96-114 Miami

Philadelphia 96-114 Miami

After their first two games on the road, the Sixers were hosting their first game at home this season. Facing the Miami Heat, the Sixers were unfortunately not able to reverse the trend of the beginning of this NBA season, with another loss.

Throughout the course of the game, the two teams went blow for blow. Even if Miami took a slight lead in the halftime (60-54), nothing was lost to Philadelphia. Tony Wroten scored 21 points with 10 passes, Brandon Davies (18 points) very great at shooting while Chris Bosh was scoring 30 points, 10/11 to the free throws.

In second period, the Sixers are able to come a little bit (29-27 in the 3rd quarter time), (30% of success for the Sixers against 50% for the Heat). Luc Mbah a Moute played 19 min with 9 points, 7 rebounds and 3 passes. But despite a good game the 76ers lost during the last quarter time that the Sixers. Thought they came back with 6 points, they missed almost all of their opportunities losing the game 114-96.

With 3 defeats for as many games played, the Sixers will have to react quickly to not fall into doubt.

Heat vs 76ers

The Sixers are collapsing in the last quarter and bow 81-93 among the Bucks

The Sixers are collapsing in the last quarter and bow 81-93 among the Bucks

What happened in the last quarter-time of last night’s game against the Bucks? While Philadelphia was leading by one point at the end of the 3rd quarter, the team totally collapsed in the last quarter by 7-20 allowing the Bucks to win 93-81.

The scores were good with 24/24 23/22 and 27/27 for the 3 free first quarters. Noel had 14 points and 10 rebounds, was matching with Mayo 25 points. Everything went left when the 76ers missed 14 shots during the last minutes of the game.

Luc played 25 minutes with 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 passes; with his teammates they will try to come back during the game again the Heat. The Sixers remain on 2 defeats at the beginning of the season

Sixers vs Bucks résumé