Another win by two points difference

Another win with two points apart, this time against the Hawks. The game was somewhat balanced though the stats were different with (44.3% for Clipps against 43%, 19% for 3 points against 43%, and 67% free throws against 50%).

Despite the start of the game in favor for the Clippers (11-15), the Hawks won the first quarter time 23-17 after a 12-2 in 3 minutes. Within 12 minutes, Luc Mbah a Moute (26mins, 5 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals) and his team will take the lead with a 3-point from Wesley Johnson (28-29). Both teams will go at each other but the Clippers will take the lead and win the second quarter with 22-26, 45-43 by the half time.

After the break, the two teams are at 21-21 in the third quarter, despite 8 points ahead of Atlanta 66-58. During the last quarter, the gap is of 2points with 66-64 points; the two teams are neck and neck (79-79 at 2’15). Chris Paul gives the advantage to the Clippers with 79-81 clips, and Kyle Horver takes 3 point and loses 1 point lead to 82-81. DeAndre Jordan (13 points, 19 rebounds) makes a dunk 16 seconds of the term (82-83) before Sefolosha fouls on Crawford who returns his 2 free throws with eight seconds from the end (82-85). Redick causes a foul on Horford who misses a free throw. The score will not change with the 83-85 victory over! The Clippers won their 30th victory (16 losses) and remain fourth in the west.


Photo © NBAE/Getty