Defeat 75-100 among the Spurs

For their third game in Texas, the 76ers lost again with 75-100.

The first few minutes of the game with 11-3 were encouraging, but very quickly they are under water and end the first quarter with 30-13. The second quarter was a bit better but the team needed to put it more work to come back in the race. At the first half the Spurs are leading by 19 points.

Sixers vs. Spurs

The second half, was for the Spurs to dominate both quarters which gave no room for the sixers to come back in the game. Only 15% of 3points against 39% for the Spurs, 39 rebounds against 52, and 15 assists against 27. Luc ended the game with 13 points, ½ for 3points and ¾ at the free throws. The Sixers shackling their 10th defeat of suite (0V/ 10D)

Next game Wednesday evening at home face in Boston.

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