Défeat against Cleveland

Despite a good start of the game for the Clippers, the Cavaliers dominate the rest of the game. Chris Paul (30 points, 3 rebounds, 9 assists) responded to LeBron James (22 points, 5 rebounds, 12 assists).

The first quarter-time is tight, Cleveland leads 14-8 but the Clippers come back with 14-15 with Chris Paul’s 3 points. Both teams stand to each other and later the Clippers ahead 28-31 thanks to 3 points at the buzzer from Jamal Crawford (16 points). The game is changing with the Cavaliers ahead with 9-0 leading them to a score of 37-34, then a 14-6 in the last 4 minutes before the halftime; allowing them to lead at halftime 59-50 after leading the Clippers 31-19 in the second quarter.

After the break, Cleveland maintains and widens the gap gradually, taking 16 points ahead 88-72 at the start of the last quarter (29-22 during those 12 minutes). The Clippers unfortunately don’t find the resources to come back in the final minutes. They pocket the last quarter 27-30 but lost 115-102 logically, less adroit in all areas of the game (51.7% on penalties against 56%, 24% for 3 points against 46%, 67% in the throws francs against 75%, 19 assists against 29, 35 rebounds against 47.

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Photo © NBAE/Getty