Defeat against the Pacers 103-91

Deprived of injured Chris Paul, the Clippers played a very average game against the Pacers, who win them a sixth consecutive victory. Paul George (31 points, 4 assists, 10 rebounds) hurt the defense of LA. Despite a balanced first half (50-47), the Pacers took off late in the second period.

Indiana already digging away after 6 minutes leading by 11 points on a shot Ellis (5-16). Blake Griffin (19 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds) was quitting the momentum Pacers taking up the game in hand, then leveling at 23-23 on two free throws. First Quarter ends with a score of parity 29-29. A gap will changed very little in the following 12 minutes, the two teams being equal stake. Los Angeles gleans 3 points (21-18) and took the lead 50-47 at halftime.

©NBAE/Getty Images

©NBAE/Getty Images

No big changes early in the second period before the Pacers take on 10-0 that propel them to 59-68. Despite a lot of failures of both sides, clings Los Angeles and back to 3 points at the start of the last quarter (69-72). Soon, Indiana made a 14-1 hole that propels visitors 70-86, thanks to two 3-point shots from Paul George. Back to 6 points at 3 minutes from the end (84-90), the Clippers (46% success rate to shoot against 55% for the Pacers) ultimately fail to come back late in the game.

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