Difficult victory @76ers 92-98

The Clippers going for a win in overtime, after being carried up 19 points! JJ Redick trio (23 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists), Jamal Crawford (23 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists) and DeAndre Jordan (12 points, 21 rebounds) provided most of the 76ers to a team that has dominated 3/4 of the match.

The game with the 76ers leading 21-9 midway through the first quarter. A 9-0 allows Clippers back to 21-18, but the 76ers stay ahead in the game with 25-22 late in the quarter. In the second (34-27), the 76ers leading 51-32 largely before the Clippers did not react and come back to 10 points at halftime 59-49. A first critical quarters for Clippers.

The 3rd quarter is low in points, pocketing the Clippers 14-16. Still trailing by 8 points before the start of the last, the Clippers will yet snatch overtime in the money time, thanks to a 3-point from Redick at 11 seconds before the buzzer goes off.

The 76ers seems to have taken a blow to the head and missed 10 attempts, while the Clippers for the bulk by scoring 10-4 in overtime. The Clippers come a long way in the last Conf East, but take another victory, the 35th, that keeps them at the 4th place in the Western Conference.

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Photo © NBAE/Getty