Fans Give Thanks

Over the past weekend, Luc Mbah a Moute held a contest on Twitter, and some lucky winners got a chance to meet him the following day.

Luc meeting fans on Sunday morning. 

A number of people showed up early Sunday at the Bradley Center, receiving « Moute Kicks Boute » t-shirts and tickets to see the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Memphis Grizzlies. It turned out to be a memorable contest, with the Bucks emerging victorious in overtime, 108-103.

A few contest winners were good enough to write about what it was like meeting one of the best defenders — and most genuine people — in the NBA.

Thanks Luc for the tickets and t-shirts! We really enjoyed the game. Nice little talk about the World Cup this summer. He’s the nicest guy and we are proud to have him representing Milwaukee (not to mention the awesome D lol). We enjoy your website and love all the shirts. Keep up the good work Luc see ya soon. — Cameroon Crazies, Randi and Christine

Real people do real things. A great guy and Im proud to have a guy like Luc on the Milwaukee Bucks. Fear the Deer! Moute Kicks Boute — Timothy Williams

Hi, I was one of the winners of the twitter trivia contest (on twitter I am @TheronJay). I think the twitter contest was a really clever idea to reach out to fans. It was really cool to meet you, the first time I’ve met an NBA player in person. My girlfriend came along and really liked the Moute Kicks Boute shirt you gave her (she wondered if you knew there were actually two shirts in the package). Everyone who has seen that shirt thinks it’s clever. Then at the game I caught a shirt thrown in the crowd, the first time I’ve ever done something like that. It was neat to be part of the crowd going wild at the end of the game. I wish there had been more court time for you, but a win is a win. It was a real thrill being in the arena for a big victory after watching the team on TV all season – you can really tell this team is better in so many ways than in recent years. I’m excited for the playoffs and I’ll be watching for the next twitter trivia contest. All in all, it made for a great day. Thanks again! —  Theron Schultz

Thanks again to all of the contest participants, and keep an eye on Luc’s Twitter account for updates about new contests and great content here on!