Luc Brings Hoops Home

Now that he has established himself as a rising star in the NBA, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute has made it one of his missions to bring basketball to his native continent.

Luc along with Bucks assistant coach Kelvin Sampson are members of a group representing the NBA for Basketball Without Borders in Senegal this week.

Luc Richard is working with a group of 60 players from across Africa, including five players from his native Cameroon. All were selected by Luc at his basketball camp a few weeks ago. Recently, Cameroon Onlinecaught up with No. 12 about his journey and his mission:

« They’ve got talent, but the talent needs to be developed. There’s a lack of infrastructure, material and coaching, » he said. « One of my missions is to help those kids with all those different things. »

Luc was a part of a similar camp when he was a youth in Africa, taking part in the inaugural « Africa 100″ and takes pride in where he came from. Sampson told Cameroon Online that the fact that Luc came from where they are can inspire the young students.

« Luc was one of these kids, and when he was talking to them you could see the kids’ eyes light up, » Sampson said. « He was speaking in French and he said, ‘I was one of you. Dare to dream.’ « 

But teaching basketball is not the only mission for the NBA in Africa and the entire delegation has also been providing aid to communities in need, as Cameroon Online reports:

« On Friday the delegation traveled to a village outside Dakar called Rufisque, and players and coaches hung malaria nets to help stem the spread of the disease, a major killer of Africa’s young people.

« I don’t know how to describe it, » Sampson said of the places the players and coaches visited. « There were four walls with aluminum over the top. The temperature is 90 degrees but feels like 120 degrees.

« We went to 10 to 12 homes and physically put the malaria nets over the beds. It’s just a blessing to be able to do it. »

Mbah a Moute said the experience is not one to be forgotten easily.

« It’s tough to see the people and the conditions they live in, » he said. « It’s real bad. To give out those nets is one step closer to what should be done.

« This continent needs a lot of help. There are 100,000 or a million neighborhoods that need stuff like that. »

To read more about Luc Richard’s journey, click here.


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