Luc vs. LeBron

Luc Moute Defensive Impact Study Begins With LeBron James

Steve von Horn of Milwaukee Bucks blog Brew Hoop has begun a series called « In Defense of Defense » wherein he will analyze Luc’s impact on the defensive end of the court against some of the game’s elite wing players. Over the next few weeks, von Horn will analyze every matchup between Luc and several star players over the past three years. He will post his findings to Brew Hoop and we’ll share them with you here on

What better way to begin a study into defensive impacy than to measure the traits of a defender against the league’s Most Valuable Player?

LeBron James was the first target of Steve von Horn’s study of Luc’s defensive impact (Getty Images).

Brew Hoop’s Steve von Horn began his research into Luc Richard Mbah a Moute’s defensive prowess by looking at his matchups with LeBron James. According to von Horn, Luc and LeBron have been on the same court for 249 minutes over the last three seasons and over the course of that time, Luc has forced LBJ to change his game:

LRMAM has the length to bother LeBron on jumpshots, but also brings the quickness to cut off premium angles on drives. He typically crowds James on the perimeter to force him into difficult situations once the ball is put on the floor.

Von Horn compiled a wealth of information from watching the Luc/LeBron battles and created a chart demonstrating how Luc’s defense impacted Lebron at different spots on the floor. Perhaps most impressive is that LeBron’s offensive rating dropped over 16 points per 100 possessions against Luc. Quite the sign of a lockdown defender.

Von Horn also noticed that Luc’s defense against Lebron in isolation situations, like the one in the graphic below, led to three successful defensive outcomes.

  • A) LRAMAM cut off the driving angle and forced LeBron into a tough pull-up from mid-range
  • B) LRMAM forced LeBron to give up the ball before he wanted to by cutting off his driving angle
  • C) LeBron fought hard to get the edge on a drive, but to get around LRMAM he had to accelerate going either slightly away from the rim or directly into shot-blocker extraordinaire Andrew Bogut.

So there you have it, Luc’s defense has a very real impact on the best player in the game, LeBron James. Next up, von Horn will look at Luc vs. Kevin Durant. In the meantime, check out Brew Hoop for the latest on Luc and the Milwaukee Bucks.