New Orleans takes the win.

New Orleans won at home in favor of a better second half, after a balanced first. The Pelicans were more skilled (60.3% against 50%) but much better in rebounds (54-35) despite a big loss balls (23 to 12). player side is Chris Paul who finished best player in Clipps with 24 points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds, and Jrue Holiday for Pelicans with 22 points, 8 assists, 2 rebounds.


Los Angeles has started the game by taking 9 points ahead 11-20. New Orleans again and the gap back to three points 21-24 late in the first quarter. In the second (33-32), the game remains tight, with the difference increasing to 6 points for LA 50-56. At the break, the Clippers leading 54-56.

As in the previous game with the Grizzlies, is after the break that the Clippers will know a bad time by missing too many chances. New Orleans took the opportunity to move quickly to 63-56 on a 13-0 at the start of the third quarter (24-16). The Clippers will resume back to 4 points 76-72 but continuing advantage in the last period (102-88 2’18 at the buzzer). A money time that could have gone for the Clippers, who will revolt back to 1 point 104-103 on a dunk by DeAndre Jordan to 28 seconds, but lacks even by missing his free throw. Holiday succeeds both hers after Johnson’s fault (106-103), then Redick recolle 1 point to 16 seconds 106-105. After a time out, how Redick fouled Rabbitt transforms his two free throws (108-105 in 15 seconds). Rivers tried everything to just 3 points to 3 seconds of the term, but his effort fails. Douglas gets rebound and Paul fouls him. Douglas took the opportunity to bend the game 109-105 on two free throws. Dropped for the playoff, the Pelicans will still offer a nice win over the Clippers who bow for the 26th time this season but retain their 4th place in the West.

Highlights Pelicans vs Clippers

Photo © Layne Murdoch NBAE/Getty