Rockets win against Utah Jazz!!

Utah hooked Houston much of the game, before giving in the final quarter with a huge Eric Gordon who scored 17 of his 33 points of the game (record in season). James Harden has 26 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, Clint Capela 24 points, 19 rebounds and 3 assists.

The first two quarters are balanced. In front of 17-10 on a 3 points of Chris Paul, the Rockets let slip the first quarter in favor of Jazz 25-26. Utah’s lead is 39-31 in the second, but the Rockets return ahead just before break 51-50.

The two teams stand in 3 points in the 3rd quarter, but Utah takes a 5-point lead in the last minute, and takes the 34-28 innings to lead 79-84 at the start of the last quarter. A crazy time during which the Rockets jostle visitors and put on 3 points. The Rockets win the fourth quarter 41-15, win 120-99 and win a 20th victory in 21 games!

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