Giving Back

« Never forget where you came from »

Luc is actively involved in the association Giving Back, inspired the organization of all the villages of the world pass through a chain of human solidarity, resources for children and those who suffer, so that they can arm for life.

Education through sport is the founding pillar of the Action Giving Back. Sport is the perfect way to illustrate and convey values ​​such as the taste of the effort, respect, fighting spirit, solidarity, the desire for success and fair play. Sport is universal; children from any country may be on the land and share moments together, practicing the same activity. Even though he couldn’t speak the language, He was able to share with the kids and understand them.

Since 2008, Giving Back is organizing a tour of several countries in Africa, with the African stars that play basketball and International matches gala for orphanages and social projects. The goal is to visit social and humanitarian structures, and develop a sustainable partnership to support local solidarity actions.

The first three editions, the North West Africa were honored with stays in Senegal, Mali and Cape Verde.

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