The 76ers will recline 122-96 face the Suns

The Suns in Phoenix have outperformed the Sixers in the first period, and despite a beautiful resistance in second, the errors to the firing to 3 points and the free throws have not enabled Philadelphia to return to the score.

After the first quarter time, won 27-26, the Sixers manhandled in the second for the losing, 41-17, and joined the locker room on a 67-44. With the firing of three points, 17% against 42% for Phoenix, the free throws are almost all converted side Suns, 91 %, to the opposite of the 76ers with 61%. The points do not move smoothly, unlike the previous games. Wroten scored a few, 13 points, and the best scorers end up under the bar of 20 points: Michael Carter Williams scored 18 points for 6 rebounds and 6 passes, despite 5 losses of bale, and Kj Mcdaniels with 17 points, 3 rebounds, and 6/6 to the free throws.

With a 23 point lead in the second period, the Suns have only to check the game. Isaiah Thomas gained 23 points for 3 rebounds and 8 passes, and Markieff Morris ends up with 18 points and 4 rebounds. They win and the last two quarter time AC 25-23 is superseded, 30-29, leaving the Sixers in full doubt after this 12th setbacks in a row.

Suns vs. Sixers