The Blazers prevail among the 76ers 114-104

The Blazers have lead the Sixers 114-104, despite the better in some sectors of game.

Almost equal to the firing, 50% for the 76ers against 49% for the Blazers, the assists, 28 as against 30, and about two times less losses of bale, 10 against 17, the Sixers finished in two areas. First, the firing at 3 points, with a fatal 0/8 against 7/27 for the Blazers, and then the rebounds, 52 against 29, 7 against 28 offensive, and 22 against 34 defensive. When in attack, three men ended up to 20 points and more: Michael Carter Williams with 24 points and 7 rebounds, Henry Sims with 22 points and 4 rebounds, and finally Tony Wroten with 20 points and 9 passes.

76ers vs Blazers

The first half-time is hooked, Portland winning the first quarter time with 24-20, and the 76ers in the second with 32-20, head to the half-time, 52-50. Once again, the second period was fatal with Philadelphia picking up in the 3rd quarter time (39-28 for the Blazers). For Lamarcus Aldridge was the man of the match with 33 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists. Nine points of delay at the beginning of the last quarter time (80-89 80-89 80-89), after having cashed a 28-10, the Sixers reversed the trend.

Despite a few positive points, the Sixers drop too often in their game. Competitive in the first half, Philadelphia will become a regular at these upcoming matches to take a very hope first match.

Trail Blazers vs. Sixers