The Clippers fall for the first time out of season @ Detroit

The Clippers lost their third game of the season, losing to the Pistons 108-97. The Californians were offensive and leading up until the 4th quarter but the Pistons ended up winning. Blake Griffin (24 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists) and J.J Redick (24 points, 3 rebounds, 1 pass) finish best scorers of the team. In front, Detroit was more effective (52.2% on shots against 47.9% for Clippers, 47.4% at 3 points against 33.3%).


The start of the match is clearly to the advantage of the Pistons who lead in mid-first quarter 25-11 and pocketed 35-23. On two shots of Chris Paul, the Clippers return to 8 points 49-41 in the second (22-25), but the Pistons are still ahead at pause 57-48.

The Clipper will return to the score after the break (32-25), although the Pistons recover 18 points in the first minutes of the third quarter. J.J Redick scores 10 points in the last moments of the period, and the Clippers are only two points at the start of the last quarter 82-80. The Clippers pass 84-82 in the latter by scoring the first 4 points, but the Pistons will eventually regain the lead and then widen the gap until the end of the fourth quarter (26-17). The Clippers fall for the first time out of season.

With 14 wins and three defeats, the Clippers lose 1 place to the West in favor of Golden State which takes the lead. The Clippers continue their road trip with a stop at the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, November 27th.


photo Chris Schwegler/NBAE/Getty Images