The Clippers lost at the end of game facing the Warriors

Los Angeles Clippers has delivered an outstanding match tonight face the Golden State Warriors, leading into the last quarter. But in the last two minutes, the team undefeated since the start of the season finally take advantage and to win 117-124. Chris Paul (35 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds) answered the unstoppable Stephen Curry (40 points, 4 assists, 11 rebounds).

It started well for the Clippers, which started the game with a bang pocketing the first Quarter 41-25, even repeatedly leading 20 points. Chris Paul inflames the start with 18 points in 7’30, and Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford widen the gap 50-27 early in the second quarter. During the second quarter, the Clippers didn’t score any point during 3’40. Golden State took the opportunity to pick up a little with (27-29) 68-54 before halftime.

Highlights Clippers vs Warriors

In the second half, the trend will be reversed in favor of the Warriors, who return to 6 points in the third quarter (23-31). Visitors inflict the Clippers 12-4, thanks to Curry and Green (19 7/9 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists), which concludes with a 3-point shot. 3-point shots that hit (17/30) and allow Golden State to begin the last quarter (91-85) on a momentum that will sweep Los Angeles in the last 12 minutes. On a 3 point Barnes, The Warriors return to a 96-95 mark. Jordan Smith to free throws and a dunk on air to restore Clippers 102-95. The Clippers resume 10-point lead 109-99 with Paul but 3’50, the Warriors will register 6 3-point shots, passing 112-113 on the successful firing of Thompson. In the last two minutes, Golden State inflicts 11-0 (22-3 in 5 minutes) allowing Curry and His people to come away with a 13th straight victory and remain unbeaten so. Too bad for the Clippers (6/5) that held much of the game before giving way under the insolent success of the Warriors in the last 5 minutes.

Next match Saturday, November 21 in Portland Blazers.