Timberwolves lost 109-92 in front of Grizzlies

The early part is catastrophic, the first goals are all missed, and the Grizzlies are already digging the gap in the first quarter-time (30-15). Mike Conley (23 points 6 passes) and Marc Gasol (14 points and 12 rebounds) lead the dance, while Kevin Love (16 points and 7 rebounds) has not been able to do much to put his own people in the right direction. In the second quarter-time (27-24) despite a slightly better score with a nice 17-6, Memphis is still in the lead at the half time 57-39. The Grizzlies also accounts up to 21 points in advance.

The absences of Nikola Pekovic and Ronny Turiaf cripple manifestly the Wolves, who at times are making beautiful things happen. A 15-4 in the 3rd quarter-time restores a glimmer of hope to the team of Luc Mbha, who cling to 13 points before beginning the last quarter. But the Grizzlies do not stall, and even start by a 10-0. The outcome of a match is then no longer a surprise, victory to the Grizzlies 109-92. Luc Mbah a moute participated in 8.27 minutes of the game.

With this 3rd consecutive setback, the Timberwolves are 10th of Conf West (34V/ 35D).