Tough Loss against Golden State.

The Clippers again failed against the Golden State Warriors, slightly dominant in the different play areas (52.1% against 48.2% skill, 44% against 29% for 3 points, 50 rebounds against 46). Curry is still the best scorer of the match with 33 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. DeAndre Jordan finished it with 19 points, 20 rebounds, 3 assists.


In the first quarter, the Clippers could take up to 7 point lead (21-28). The match is then very close to the half, and neither team takes over on the other, the gap of no more than 6 points to the premises (44-38). After a 23-28 in the first to LA, Golden State wins the second 28-21 to tack ahead by 2 points to the break 51-49.

After the break, the Warriors start with a 10-1, and quickly taking 11 points ahead 61-50. A widening gap of 14 points before the shooting Chris Paul at the end of the third quarter (30-23) brings back the Clipps 9 81-72 points. But Golden State will finally control the last 12 minutes (33-26), taking up to 16 points ahead to win 114-98.

The Clippers remain fourth in the West with 43 wins and 27 defeats.

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Photo © Layne Murdoch NBAE/Getty