Victory 106-110 @ the Timberwolves

The Clippers have delivered a suspenseful game in Minnesota Timberwolves, winning 106-110 in the money time, and thus finding a very good dynamic (5 wins in 6 meetings).

DeAndre Jordan finished with 34 Eval (20 points to 8/9, 12 rebounds) while Chris Paul back in the starting five after his injury secured 14 points, 5 assists and 1 rebound. Blake Griffin (16 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists) and Jamal Crawford (18 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists) round men shaped the evening.

The first quarter-time is in favor of the Clippers, that will lead up to 9-point lead (12-21) on a 3-point Crawford. Bjelica responds with its 3-point 0’51 to pick up to 22-23 before Crawford recurrence outside. Los Angeles took the lead 25-29 at the start of the second quarter.Minnesota reverse the trend by equalizing at 37-37 by Zach Lavine (21 points, 3 rebounds), then passing to possess up to 8 points ahead 49-41 on a 3-point Karl-Thomas Anthony. The Clippers cling and 3-point shot at the buzzer Chris Paul allows the team of Luc Mbah a Moute (16 min, 1 point, 3 rebounds) to pick up to 52-50 at the break.




The third Quarter is balanced (25-21) and the two teams face each other. The gap is not moving (73-71) into the last minute during which the Timberwolves resumed a few points to lead 77-71 before the last 12 minutes. A period that will succeed the Clippers, who will pass before two minutes at 77-78. The fight is tight (83-83, 89-89, 98-95), and all happens in the last minute. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin dunk with 26 seconds succeeded his shot (98-99). Wiggins fouls Redick that transforms his two free throws (98-101) before Rubio will mark both his own after a foul by Jordan (100-101). The last few seconds are very tactical and mistakes multiply. Crawford 9 seconds succeeded his two throws (102-104) and Rubio to 6 seconds (106-107) before Crawford concludes a late winner in a competition of throws 106-110 francs. With 21 matches played, 12 wins and 9 losses, LA Clippers 5th class Conf West until his trip to Milwaukee on Wednesday night.

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