Win against the Rockets.

Luc Mbah a Moute (12 points 6/6, 4 rebounds, 1 assist) and the Clippers have recovered well after their last defeat at Spurs, by getting a great success in Houston 106-122. Despite James Harden and his 33 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds, L.A dominated the match with a one-way first half. J.J. Redick makes 25 points and 3 assists, DeAndre Jordan 23 points, 16 rebounds and 1 assist, Chris Paul 15 points 4 rebounds and 16 assists.

The Clippers quickly took control of the match 7-17, never to let go and keep away until the end of first Quarter won 26-35. In the second, the Clipps take off 33-53 after a 7-18 and a good place to shoot (62% against 53.7%). The Clippers are 50-72 lead at the break after winning the second quarter 24-37.

The Clippers will keep their comfortable lead in the third quarter (25-25), the Rockets never managing to worry. With 22 points ahead at the start of the last quarter (75-97), Los Angeles Master quietly the end of the game (31-25) and won their 42th win of the season in the 7th West Conf.

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