Wolves prevail 122-121 in Heat after two extensions !

Big game and big suspense tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, where the Heat welcomed the Timberwolves . And committed a game that ended at the end of unresolved after two extensions !

The Heat have set up their game in the first quarter ( 29-24 ) , thanks to their leader Lebron James (34 points during the game , 8 rebounds and 5 assists ) . But the Wolves in the second match with a 28-25 , which allows them to reach halftime tied 52-52 . However, the Heat led by 10 points twice in the first half , but Wolves managed a 10-0 to tie . Kevin Love is in the form (28 points and 11rebounds), while Ricky Rubio wins a double-double with 13 points and 14 assists .

The second period is exciting , since none of the two teams didn’t seem to let go. 25-23 in the third quarter, before starting the last quarter in a Arena on fire. Despite encouragement and the public, are the Wolves that will nibble points. The duel between Luke MBHA a Moute and Chris Andersen is fierce, and turned to the advantage of Luke, which will cause errors and scoring 3 of his 4 free throws. Side throws, the Heat are left with 80 % success rate. Minnesota will have up to 7 points difference , but will be caught up . At the buzzer, 97-97 equality.

In overtime, Chalmers causes a fault, just seconds from the end and has the ball game. Everyone holds their breath ! However, it enters its second free throw which returns the two teams into a second overtime. The Heat better start , but Love will restore advance to Wolves with a 3-point buzzer 30 seconds . Chris Bosh equates to 11 seconds from the end . And this is Corey Brewer will release the Wolves after a foul on him Norris Cole . He entered one of his two free throws to give the victory to the wire a tiny dot 122-121 . What game and what a victory in the leader leading the Eastern Conference !

Luc Mbah a Moute played 22.57 minutes, scored 7 points, with 5/6 free throws. The Timberwolves are 10th ( 38V/37D ) West Conf.